In India, it is relatively a simple task to start off a relocation company because the cost of managing a relocation company is low and it requires little investment and human resources are usually cheap. So, these days just a simple visit on your city’s core sites would get you reference ads or direct offices of companies who provide relocation solutions. The common thing among any type of company is that they try to distinguish them from the rest claiming the quality of service. But before you opt for any such work providing solutions company, beware of the basics. As a smart consumer, if you keep your eyes and ears open, you can smell who is good and who’s not. This is a brief article covering companies which you should not hire.

The talkative one – One who claims only to claim

If your relocation services company is claiming too much than it sounds natural, you should not hire it for any type of relocation solutions. These are talkative guys usually on a mission to ensure you opt for the service. They talk too much, claim something irrational, and finally provide you worst service only to get money, so to ensure you stay fool-proof, ensure that your packers and movers company is not talking too much but focusing on what is important

The illogical – One which is overly or not at all professional

Do ask if the company is registered, ask if the company has already served clients and if so, if it can provide you live examples or give reference of client phone numbers so that you can talk. Any company which rejects the requests should not be hired. The logic is simple – if they’re not telling you what you professionally ask, you need to be careful!

The fickle minded – One who request illogical reconsideration

It is important for you to ask if the company’s initial invoice includes whatever the service includes. There are companies who provide custom quotes and then hike the price later on, to surprise customer.

There are other types of frauds too, but importantly the way to stay protected is to compare, choose and select a service provider based on values and ideas, not claims

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